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We know how every money spent is critical to your business!

At Jumbogrocery we are committed to be your trusted partner to help manage your cost effectively and get the best for your investment.

We offer a unique cost-effective solution to help cater to your needs.

As part of our customised bundled offer, you can reduce your expense on digital solutions.

Based on your monthly grocery purchase from Jumbogrocery, it can even be made available completely free of cost to you.

Amazing, isn't it?

Cutomised billing and Invoice format available which is GST Compliant. Billing continues to work even if the Internet is not available that prevents you from loosing data during offline mode.
Build long term relationship with your customers effectively and reach out to them with the help of marketing campaigns run through SMS or Facebook. This would assist you to connect well with your existing customers as well as casual visitors to your shop.
This feature helps to measure business metrics through multiple reports covering sales and expenses. These reports cover not just Billing and Inventory but also customer behaviour, employee performance and various other aspects of work. You can get consolidated updates on billing, inventory, GST, expenses etc for multiple stores in a unified dashboard that will help make timely decisions.
Allows you to collect payment through Debit cards, Credit cards, Mobile Wallets without any hardware . All payment reports can be downloaded for easy reconciliation. Inbuilt Tally integration which totally eliminates the need to do repeat work for posting the entry in accounts.

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