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We understand how much this is important for you to keep food cost under control. We have negotiated best price with vendors on your behalf

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With our smart payment options you can avail extended credit period up-to 75 days

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We offer fixed price contracts up-to a period of three months to help you manage your cost with predictability

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We ensure the best quality reaches you so you can serve your customer the best!

One professional team

We are obsessed to serve you better. You don't have to worry anymore managing multiple vendors - we will do it as "your purchase manager"

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You get to view the status of your orders, amount spend month on month and many more features in one quick view.

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We have negotiated best price with vendors on your behalf!
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We offer interest free credit up to 75 days through our tie up with ICICI bank offering Jumbogrocery purchase card.

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